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YaëL & Valérie 

Yaël & Valérie's designer and owner, Valérie, was born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haïti. From a young age, her parents surrounded her with Haitian Culture, she embraced and cherished it in History, Carnival, Food, Music and Dance. This heritage became a true passion she proudly 

shares with her daughter Yaël. 

During her time in the Haitian Tourism Industry, Valérie realized that no visuals in interior design reflected her environment. There were great patterns but the Haitian-Caribbean-African Exoticness was missing...specially when the world is surrounded by so many cultures including hers, from its people, architecture, nature, religion, art, music, tradition, history, language waiting to be shared. 

Visit the Spruce showroom to see the full collection of samples and to place your order.

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