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Tulu’s designer and owner, Elizabeth Hewitt, began her work as an antique textile dealer and collector. a constant traveler – to India, Asia, Morocco, Spain – Elizabeth is constantly collecting fabrics, objects, sights, sounds, colors, stories and incorporating them into her work.

"I take photos of tin cans and funny walls and worn down marble, then I do a painting and that becomes a design. I cut up paper and photos and words, paint and sketch ideas that come from hearing live music, reading a good book, hearing a story. I am just following what I am feeling or loving- I love 20th-century design and art, old textiles and antiques."

Elizabeth is a great storyteller and her fabrics are artistic versions of her infectious stories told over one or ten cocktails: Tulu is full of stories. Elizabeth’s unique combination of scale and saturated color make her designs bold and beautiful or sophisticated and unassuming, as if they are telling us their story in their own language.

Visit the Spruce showroom to see the full collection of samples and to place your order.

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