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The Organic Luxury of Bolt Textiles

Edited By Designers, For Designers

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Bolt knows that selecting fabric is like picking a canvas. It’s at the foundation of good design. Yet as a designer, you're faced with an overwhelming array of options. A dizzying cost scale. Unavailability. Limited customer service.

Bolt is here to edit out the noise and personalize the process.

Each fabric in the collection is high-quality, well-priced, fitting for any style, and chosen with you, the designer, in mind. Fabrics are high-quality, well-priced, and manufactured in boutique U.S. and European mills: soft Belgian linen, high performing lush velvet, Irish linen screen printed by hand- all in a select palette of sophisticated, timeless colors and a variety of textures. See their swatches and get pricing and inspiration at Spruce.

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