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Creating your getaway: Murals

We get lots of requests for murals, but the notion persists that they're a luxury item and are out of budget. With digital printing technology better than ever, murals are accessible, unique and turn a room into an oasis- a focal point that refuses to be overlooked. From hand-painted bespoke lines like DeGournay to contemporary digital compositions that mimic watercolors, sketches and etchings, here are a few of our favorites...

Sian Zeng's Classic Hua Trees capture the softness of her beautiful ink paintings.

de Gournay's fine artists create bespoke, handpainted wallcoverings, ensuring you'll get exactly what you want

Satontorus Wallpaper
Santorus Wallpaper Mural takes you to the east

Flower Mural
Ashley Woodson Baileys blossoms are fit to be lost in for days

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