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Annie Moran, inspired by local beauty...

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

Artist Annie Moran is pleased to launch her namesake wallpaper line. Created from her nature- inspired illustrations, more than 15 patterns include representational elements ranging from lithe herons to vibrant orchids. Moran’s penchant for recreating flora and fauna stems from her deep connection to her native Louisiana, and the Gulf Coast. Moran’s designs are universally appealing yet draw on her southern background to create playfully elegant and often whimsical designs.

“I specialize in delicately rendered watercolor illustrations in soft palettes with a style that is a blend of classic and contemporary. Through vignettes and repeat patterns of birds, flowers, aquatic life and other flora and fauna, my work is an examination and celebration of nature. A large portion of my collection pays homage to the landscape of the gulf south— my greatest inspiration. I adore the beauty and variety of nature all over the planet, but there’s something particularly mysterious and enchanting about the swamps, rivers, and bayous of my native surroundings,” Moran explained. See her wallpapers and get local inspiration at Spruce.

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