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Philomela collections mix antagonistic styles and conventions: baroque & modern, word & image, highbrow & downtown, hand constructed & digitally manipulated in a libertine mix of West Coast hedonism. Philomela themes layered in wallpapers and fabrics infuse interiors with a liveliness and sense of deep connection. Lead designer Bonnie Saland is a practicing artist and psychoanalyst based in Pasadena and The Sea Ranch, California. A free spirited exercise in investigation surfaces in every pattern she engineers. The images comfort and instigate through memory and imagination alike. Experimenting with her own diverse visual language, Saland offers inventive interpretations of the universal themes of birth, survival, death, and regeneration. The subject is frequently felt as a faint, subtle suggestion in a pattern-a stirring within. Still more often, her work beckons as a lighthearted reminder to connect with our own deep spirit. 

Visit the Spruce showroom to see the full sample book and to place your order.

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