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kristi kohut

KRISTI KOHUT is inspired by natures use of color and pattern; she uses color like a composer uses notes in a song, to elicit a feeling in these pieces. From shimmering, crystalized layers of color to bold, agate-inspired work, her art makes a statement that lifts the viewer out of the every day and into her magical world. The bold, vibrant color palettes of Kristi’s mixed-media work is sought-after by interior designers, collectors and big brands such as Anthropologie and West Elm. Kristi’s cut-flower “Bloom” series, captures our culture’s obsession with beauty, brands and material status. These 3D collage pieces often incorporate found materials such as high-fashion clothing tags and torn bits of fashion magazines, along with original photography, sketches and illustrations. Kristi is pushing the traditional confines of the art world, and has expanded her work into a home line that is already a favorite of many interior designers. The line includes bold, vibrant linen textiles and wall coverings, all created from her original artwork and fully-customizable.

Visit the Spruce showroom to see the full sample book and to place your order.

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