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flavor paper

FLAVOR PAPER produces wallpaper by hand screened and digital printing. All Flavor Paper is produced to order, so you are free to interchange colors and grounds with hand-screened wallpaper and can choose scale and colors for digital wallpaper. Flavor Paper uses only water-based inks without solvents, so your wallpaper never emits toxins and, for no additional fee, you can choose any of their ink colors and grounds, including traditional clay coated papers for a classic matte background, mirror-finish chrome or gloss mylars, matte metallics, textured metallic foils, holographic material, or durable vinyls for bathrooms and high traffic areas. They print all of the wallpaper to order to minimize waste and allow you this level of customization without extra cost or lead-time. 

Founded on the Oregon coast by a guy named Ted, this small handscreened wallpaper company flourished in the Age of Aquarius.

Many years later, some young designers seeking striking wallcoverings discovered Ted‘s greatness – just days before the designs and equipment were to be destroyed. Knowing what had to be done, these young designers headed west to save Ted's legacy.

Relocated to the Bywater District of New Orleans, Flavor Paper continued to print using Ted‘s traditional printing methods and vacuum table, but with greatly increased accuracy and detail. The Flavor Lab is now located in the Boerum Hill section of Brooklyn and is home to Flavor Paper‘s design, screen printing and digital printing operations.

Visit the Spruce showroom to see the full sample book and to place your order.

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