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Camilla Meijer

"My work is about bringing nature indoors. With my illustrations, I want to be able to capture the magic that is found in nature’s flowing lines and its natural dance."

Swedish born, now London based Camilla Meijer set up her brand in 2006, winning the “New Designers One Year On Award” in 2007 with her intricate patterns for wallpaper, textiles and home wares. Camilla Meijer creates fine art influenced patterns from her detailed drawings. Her designs are lush and bold, with a contemporary feel in strong original colours.

Inspired by nature, Camilla takes her inspiration from people’s gardens, London parks or where nature has decided to plant itself and documents these discoveries in a tale like way to make beautiful patterns from nature.

Visit the Spruce showroom to see the full sample book and to place your order.

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