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Spruce is a New Orleans interior design studio and retail store, featuring carefully curated sustainable décor, modern furnishings & accessories.

We share our love for outstanding modern, sustainable design though our brick and mortar retail store in New Orleans and in our design projects.  Please visit us at the shop or online.

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Fair Trade

Fair Trade advocates the payment of a higher price to exporters as well as higher social and environmental standards focusing particularly on exports from developing countries.

Recycled, Upcycled or Recyclable

These products are made from materials which are used again in the same or a different form or can be used again in the same or a different form.   We offer a diverse beautiful array of products from this category.

Made in Louisiana

Products which are designed or produced in Louisiana by Louisiana Artisans, Craftspeople, and businesses.  We are proud to support fellow local Louisiana entrepreneurs.

Products with a Cause

Products in which a portion of the profits are used to support a non-profit organization or co-operative’s mission.  These products create a win-win partnership between for-profit and non-profit entities.


Products which are made or prepared by a hand process.  Such products include artisan pieces and items produced through co-operatives which provide economic sustainability for entire villages and marginalized groups.

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